If I haven't told you lately, you are important to me. Your opinions...your ongoing support...your enjoyment of my books are THE most important things for me as an individual and as an author. Without all my wonderful readers my stories are just unloved digits in a vast digital world, worth nothing and incapable of bringing anybody joy. That's how important you are. And, since you are so vital to my journey, I'd like you to consider joining my Launch Team, which consists of a select group of readers who receive advance copies of my new releases and, if they are so inclined, offer suggestions on before the rest of the world gets their copies. 

The only caveat is that you post an honest review of the new works I send you on Launch day or as close to it as possible. That's it! Within this framework, I'm hoping you and I can form a long-lasting, mutually supportive relationship that will bring us both pleasure for years to come. 

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